Blues in the Schools

What is BITS?

Blues In The Schools is an umbrella term used to describe a program that utilizes a classroom format to teach children about the Blues. Programs are not limited to schools or classrooms; they can be held anywhere.

Your Support Keeps the Blues Alive!

Brady and Landon Volkmann of 2 Picks and a Kick, make it fun to learn the 12 bar blues progression and the I, IV, V chord changes using hula hoops. If you are interest in a WBS sponsored BITS presentation for your school, contact us today.

Why Teach The Blues? The Blues is the first truly American music. With its roots in the deep South of the 1800s, it spread across the U.S., evolving based on the styles and preferences of the region, but always soulful and reflecting the human condition. From the acoustic blues of the front porch to the electrifying sounds of the Chicago Blues scene, it has been the major influence in jazz, rock and roll, and country western music. We can find common ground through the Blues..

Rachelle Coba at WBS Sponsored BITS

Rachelle discusses the basic 12-bar blues — the chords and progressions that are the foundation of Blues music — but also the people who developed the art form. The programs are engaging, covering history, social studies, and language arts, and are customized for grade level.

Blues on the Move – for Grades 5-8
The History of the Blues – programs developed for Grades 5-12
Blues in the Schools – programs developed for Grades 5-12.

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