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The Wichita Blues Society has been supporting the blues since 1983. If you have a gig or an event you’d like us to include, please send information to as far in advance as possible to ensure it gets posted before the event. NOTE: This is a “community calendar” and not all shows or events listed are sponsored by the Wichita Blues Society.

Event Information:

  • Blues Jams for All Ages

    Monthly Jams

    Bring Your Instrument and Jam with Other Blues Fans!

    WBS ALL AGES JAM- We're sorry for the inconvenience. The ALL AGES jam is discontinued until further notice.


    ↑ WBS Board Member, Michael Peltzer, known for his guitar improvising, teaches at Damm Music(Shown above mentoring WBS youth at a jam.)

    The Wichita Blues Society’s All Ages Jam is discontinued until further notice. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

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    The jam is free and open to all ages. Music is not limited to the blues. We encourage vocalists & brass musicians to attend.

    A bass amp, drum set and keyboard will be available. Depending on what you play, jammers should bring a small amp, drum sticks (high-hat and cymbals if you prefer your own); brass instruments and vocalists are encouraged to join us.  Local blues musicians will be on hand to share blue fundamentals.

    How Did the All Ages Jam Get Its Start?

    This ALL AGES jam evolved from the guitar workshops we began in 2011. We held the first jam in August 2012. The goal of the all ages jam is to share the Blues with young people, and show them how the fundamentals of blues music will help them play many other types of music. The jam is also a great opportunity for them to experience playing and singing alongside other musicians outside their regular circle, i.e., band class, individual lessons, or strumming alone in their basement.

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