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The Wichita Blues Society has been supporting the blues since 1983. If you have a gig or an event you’d like us to include, please send information to as far in advance as possible to ensure it gets posted before the event. NOTE: This is a “community calendar” and not all shows or events listed are sponsored by the Wichita Blues Society.

Event Information:

  • Blues in the Schools

    Why Teach The Blues?

    Brandon Pina (pictured on the left with Jason Elmore) is a 3rd generation Blues Musicians. The Pina Brothers have been attending the Youth Jams since 2011. The Blues is the first truly American music. With its roots in the deep South of the 1800s, it spread across the U.S., evolving based on the styles and preferences of the region, but always soulful and reflecting the human condition. From the acoustic blues of the front porch to the electrifying sounds of the Chicago Blues scene, it has been the major influence in jazz, rock and roll, and country western music. We can find common ground through the Blues. 

    What is BITS?

    Blues In The Schools is an umbrella term used to describe a program that utilizes a classroom format to teach children about the Blues. Programs are not limited to schools or classrooms; they can be held anywhere. For More Information: Contact Us.

    Are You Missing Out?

    The Wichita Blues Society is known for its events. From the Blues Ball to the Fall Crawl (and everything in between)... you won't want to miss out. Sign up to stay in the loop if you love live blues music!

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